Case Results


Client injured in auto accident

In this case, our client, a young mother of two, was rear-ended and sustained a common elbow injury known as an ulnar nerve entrapment, an injury where the nerve running through the elbow becomes compressed and results in a numbness and tingling sensation in the hand. This injury often occurs in rear end accidents when a person is tightly gripping the steering wheel. After years of conservative treatment, our client underwent ulna nerve reposition surgery, which resulted in a rare complication known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Though the insurance company for years denied that any of the injuries sustained by our client were related to the accident, through intensive efforts including hiring preeminent medical experts, The Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove that our client’s injuries were caused by the accident, resulting in this substantial recovery.

Client injured in scaffolding accident

Companies who put on events which are open to the public are responsible for properly using, erecting and maintaining the equipment used at those events. Some of the most common examples are rides at local carnivals or fairs, and stages at concerts. If a company negligently operates, erects or maintains its equipment, and a member of the public is injured as a result, that company may become financially liable for any injuries sustained.

In this case, our client was attending a local fair when a metal truss system used to hold a promotional banner toppled over striking him in the head. The Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove that the owners and operators failed to properly erect and weigh down their truss system in accordance with industry standards. Further, through highly specialized medical testing and treatment, our firm was able to prove that as a result of the operator’s negligence, our client sustained a subtle, yet life altering brain injury.



Employment Discrimination

In this case Mr. Rousso represented several African American managerial employees of a well-known fortune 500 company, who alleged that they were terminated, and harassed based on race. Through hard fought litigation, Mr. Rousso uncovered scores of direct, circumstantial and statistical evidence of discrimination, and was able to show that our clients’ terminations were racially motivated. As a result, our firm was able to obtain both justice and significant compensation for our brave clients.

Client injured after tripping on platform in hotel

In this case, our client sustained significant injuries after tripping at a well-known hotel in Miami.



Client stabbed at nightclub

In this case, our client was enjoying a night with friends at a Miami nightclub when he was stabbed by another patron at the club. Though the nightclub did have security who was supposed to use a metal detecting wand on all patrons as they entered the club, the Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove that on the night of the attack, and as a general practice, the club’s security did not “wand” individuals who purchased VIP table service, which included the attacker, who as a result was allowed to enter the club with the knife he used to stab and injure our client.

Client injured in auto accident

It has become common practice for insurance companies to dispute injuries suffered by claimants in auto-accidents where the damage to the vehicles is minimal. In this case, our client was significantly injured after her vehicle was rear-ended, but neither vehicle displayed significant damage. The Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove, through meticulous research and investigation, that the injuries sustained by our client were caused by the accident in question.



Client injured in auto accident

Through meticulous research and investigation, the Rousso and Boumel lawyers were again able to recover all available insurance policy limits for our client who was injured in an auto accident.

Client injured due to construction defect

While we all know that construction projects are a part of life here in Miami, developers and their construction companies have a duty to perform their work in a safe manner that does not expose the public to harm. Unfortunately, injuries from construction work are more common than would be expected, and the Rousso and Boumel law firm has tremendous experience in these difficult and complex cases.



Rental car company worker injured in parking garage

With only a few very narrow exceptions, pursuant to Florida’s Workers Compensation Statute a person injured by a co-worker in the course and scope of their employment may not bring a personal injury claim against their own employer. What this means is that an individual injured at work by a co-worker will likely have their medical expenses and wages paid through workers compensation but cannot recover for pain and suffering resulting from his/her injuries by filing a personal injury action.

In this case, our client was working for a rental car company at the Fort Lauderdale Airport when she was struck by a rental car vehicle driven by her co-worker while walking in the airport garage. Before the case came to Rousso/Boumel it was turned down by several personal injury firms as strictly a worker’s compensation case. Through extensive investigation and litigation, the lawyers at Rousso and Boumel uncovered that at the time of this incident our client’s co-worker was an unlicensed driver, who was receiving a driving lesson from her passenger, an employee of a different rental car company. Rousso and Boumel were able to file a personal injury action against the rental car company who employed the passenger, and to obtain substantial compensation in a case thought by other firms to have no value.

Client contracted Legionnaire’s disease in hot-tub

Legionnaire’s disease is an infection caused by Legionella bacteria. The infection enters the body through the lungs, usually via the inhalation of microscopic aerosolized water droplets from water contaminated with Legionella bacteria, or through aspirating (accidently inhaling while trying to swallow) water contaminated with Legionella. Legionnaire’s disease is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Instead, contraction of Legionnaire’s disease requires the direct ingestion of Legionella bacteria. Hot tubs are specifically known to be one of the most common sources of Legionella contamination, as the warm water provides the perfect breeding ground for Legionella bacteria, and hot tub jets provide the perfect means of aerosolizing the contaminated water.

In this case, our client contracted Legionnaire’s disease at a community hot-tub.



Client injured in Trip / Slip and Fall on painted concrete sidewalk

Our client broke several ribs and had to be hospitalized after he slipped and fell on a painted outdoor concrete sidewalk in the community where he and his wife lived. Though the community initially denied that the sidewalk was dangerous, the Rousso and Boumel lawyers uncovered a previous Trip / Slip and Fall incident on the same sidewalk that the community attempted to conceal, and furthermore were able to prove that the sidewalk was unreasonably slippery when wet because the community painted the sidewalk without the use of an anti-slip additive as is required.

Client injured in trip and fall incident in grocery store

Our client broke her leg when she tripped and fell in a grocery store on merchandising packaging that had been left in the front exit of the store. After conducting its own investigation, the store asserted in a letter to the Rousso and Boumel law firm that our client had “tripped over her own feet” and offered the available $5,000 in medical pay insurance coverage. Through diligent investigation, the Rousso and Boumel law firm was able to find that the entire event was captured on the store’s surveillance video system, and that our client had tripped over merchandising packaging as she had maintained.