Products Liability

Product Liability or Products’ Liability is a vast encompassing area of tort law dealing with unreasonably dangerous products. These types of cases can run in conjunction with negligence actions and warranty claims.

Products that explode such as tires, hot kettles, pool equipment, canisters, pressure cookers, and other items are big reasons for product liability cases. Products liability cases usually require experts to help prove the case.

Other products’ cases involve issues with defect design. For example, a tire design issue that causes premature tire tread separation, or a defective baby’s car seat that doesn’t provide complete care, or a poorly designed door that slams shut, or a bad weld design on a steel structure that cracks. Poorly designed toasters can lead to fires and poorly designed cars can lead to accidents. These devices can cause serious injury, and poorly engineered products are very dangerous. The problems with defectively designed apparatuses are the quantity in the public domain. In contrast to a mis-manufactured product as described below, thousands if not all of the products will have the same defect leading to multiple liability issues and multiple plaintiffs.

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