Truck Accidents

The Rousso Boumel Law Firm truck accident lawyers represent people injured in accidents with 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles such as:

Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, people in passenger vehicles typically suffer serious or catastrophic injuries. In the worst cases, wrongful death is the result. If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, you will likely need compensation for extensive medical treatment, including long-term care, physical rehabilitation, and possibly cosmetic procedures. You may also need compensation for lost income and caregiver expenses.

You can rely on our truck accident attorneys to pursue your claim until we get results. If negotiations are not sufficient, we will take your case to trial. Insurance company lawyers know us and our reputation as skilled, thorough litigators who fight to the end for our clients.

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Client injured in auto accident

In this case, our client, a young mother of two, was rear-ended and sustained a common elbow injury known as an ulnar nerve entrapment, an injury where the nerve running through the elbow becomes compressed and results in a numbness and tingling sensation in the hand. This injury often occurs in rear end accidents when a person is tightly gripping the steering wheel. After years of conservative treatment, our client underwent ulna nerve reposition surgery, which resulted in a rare complication known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Though the insurance company for years denied that any of the injuries sustained by our client were related to the accident, through intensive efforts including hiring preeminent medical experts, The Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove that our client’s injuries were caused by the accident, resulting in this substantial recovery.

Client injured in auto accident

It has become common practice for insurance companies to dispute injuries suffered by claimants in auto-accidents where the damage to the vehicles is minimal. In this case, our client was significantly injured after her vehicle was rear-ended, but neither vehicle displayed significant damage. The Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove, through meticulous research and investigation, that the injuries sustained by our client were caused by the accident in question.


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