Trip / Slip and Fall

Trip / Slip and Fall accidents can result in devastating injuries. Our lawyers understand the responsibilities that property owners have to keep their premises safe. If you have been injured, a Trip / Slip and Fall accidents attorney at Rousso and Boumel can pursue the compensation you need and deserve. We have years of experience with personal injury lawsuits. Most importantly, we are committed to our clients’ well-being and will fight for your rights while offering sensitive and respectful assistance.

What Is a Trip / Slip and Fall Case?

Trip / Slip and Falls are also called premises liability cases. When owners fail to maintain safe conditions on their property, several types of accidents can occur. Common premises liability claims involve:

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Client injured after tripping on platform in hotel

In this case, our client sustained significant injuries after tripping at a well-known hotel in Miami.

Client injured in Trip / Slip and Fall on painted concrete sidewalk

Our client broke several ribs and had to be hospitalized after he slipped and fell on a painted outdoor concrete sidewalk in the community where he and his wife lived. Though the community initially denied that the sidewalk was dangerous, the Rousso and Boumel lawyers uncovered a previous Trip / Slip and Fall incident on the same sidewalk that the community attempted to conceal, and furthermore were able to prove that the sidewalk was unreasonably slippery when wet because the community painted the sidewalk without the use of an anti-slip additive as is required.



Client injured in trip and fall incident in grocery store

Our client broke her leg when she tripped and fell in a grocery store on merchandising packaging that had been left in the front exit of the store. After conducting its own investigation, the store asserted in a letter to the Rousso and Boumel law firm that our client had “tripped over her own feet” and offered the available $5,000 in medical pay insurance coverage. Through diligent investigation, the Rousso and Boumel law firm was able to find that the entire event was captured on the store’s surveillance video system, and that our client had tripped over merchandising packaging as she had maintained.

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