Negligent Security

Every day innocent people throughout Florida become victims of crime. Many of these crimes could have been avoided through adequate security. Property owners have a duty to keep others safe from harm, including criminal assault and battery. If they fail to take adequate safety measures or to warn visitors of dangerous conditions, they can be held liable for negligent security. That's where The Rousso Boumel Law Firm comes in to help.

Darren Rousso and Adam Boumel, our personal injury attorneys, are prepared to represent crime victims who were injured because property owners failed to provide proper security. These claims are often very complex, and commonly involve:

  • Forced entry
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inadequate parking lot surveillance
  • Attacks in elevators and stairwells
  • Landlord liability
  • Injuries from fights
  • Altercations at bars and nightclubs
  • Negligent hotel security
  • Negligent hiring
  • Negligent bank / ATM kiosk security
  • Negligent theme park security
  • Negligent college campus and dorm room security
  • Negligent shopping mall security
  • Negligent sports stadium security
  • Negligent hospital security
  • Negligent nursing home, assisted living residence security

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Client injured after tripping on platform in hotel

In this case, our client sustained significant injuries after tripping at a well-known hotel in Miami.



Client stabbed at nightclub

In this case, our client was enjoying a night with friends at a Miami nightclub when he was stabbed by another patron at the club. Though the nightclub did have security who was supposed to use a metal detecting wand on all patrons as they entered the club, the Rousso and Boumel lawyers were able to prove that on the night of the attack, and as a general practice, the club’s security did not “wand” individuals who purchased VIP table service, which included the attacker, who as a result was allowed to enter the club with the knife he used to stab and injure our client.

Rental car company worker injured in parking garage

With only a few very narrow exceptions, pursuant to Florida’s Workers Compensation Statute a person injured by a co-worker in the course and scope of their employment may not bring a personal injury claim against their own employer. What this means is that an individual injured at work by a co-worker will likely have their medical expenses and wages paid through workers compensation but cannot recover for pain and suffering resulting from his/her injuries by filing a personal injury action.

In this case, our client was working for a rental car company at the Fort Lauderdale Airport when she was struck by a rental car vehicle driven by her co-worker while walking in the airport garage. Before the case came to Rousso/Boumel it was turned down by several personal injury firms as strictly a worker’s compensation case. Through extensive investigation and litigation, the lawyers at Rousso and Boumel uncovered that at the time of this incident our client’s co-worker was an unlicensed driver, who was receiving a driving lesson from her passenger, an employee of a different rental car company. Rousso and Boumel were able to file a personal injury action against the rental car company who employed the passenger, and to obtain substantial compensation in a case thought by other firms to have no value.


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